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My Journey as a Headache Sufferer

I was always a bit of a ‘headachy’ person, but over many years my headaches began to get worse. It was a very insidious process which I learned to deal with by taking medication.

The major problem with using medication to ‘fix’ my headache problem was that it was needed on a more frequent basis As I began to develop more significant and associated problems with headaches, such as nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity, the medication I required needed to be stronger.

After a bout of Viral Meningitis in 2001, my problems seemed to get worse. Eventually, I was suffering debilitating migraines every 4-6 weeks that would write off my days without prejudice. I missed 3 out of 5 Christmas days due to migraines!!

A Timely Course

Eventually in 2008, I decided to do a course run by Headache and Migraine specialist Dean Watson, a physiotherapist from Adelaide. He presented techniques that were based on very sound biomechanical and technical knowledge, practised on thousands of clients over a 25 year period. Putting into practise these techniques, I noticed an immediate improvement in my headaches and migraines. Migraines are now a thing of the distant past and headaches are an occasional irritation, not a major stumbling block to experiencing life.

My first headache client using the Watson Headache® Approach

Not long after doing my first Watson course, my first headache patient was a farmer, who had a nasty head injury involving a huge hay bale and had suffered migraine headaches every day for 18 months.

After the initial treatment, he reported being “headache free” for three days. It made me take notice that the Watson Headache® Approach had the potential to make some major changes for people suffering headaches and migraines.
Sydney South Headache Clinic was established in 2008. In 2016 a second practice opened in the Sydney CBD, Sydney Headache and Migraine Centre. I have performed over 10 000 treatments on headache and migraine sufferers making a difference for people suffering the debilitating effects of headaches.


Rob Wallis |  Director