What type of therapist are you? What are your qualifications?

I am a physiotherapist, graduating in 1985. I have worked in general private practice for 25 years, focusing on sports injuries. In the last 8 years I have become increasingly interested in headaches and migraines. They have now become my major focus.

What type of headaches do you treat?

I treat all types of headaches. The diagnosis of headaches is ‘descriptive’ which means they grouped by what they look like not by what causes them. In fact most treatment is aimed at treating symptoms rather than cause. The goal of SSHC is to locate if the cause of your headaches is the neck and treat the cause.

How often will I need to attend?

Please see here for more information on the treatment process.

Is the treatment claimable through Medicare or private health funds?

Yes we can claim your refund through your Private Health Fund Ancillary Cover on HICAPS at the Clinic so you only have to pay the difference.

Some patients can claim up to five consultations in each calendar year, through Medicare, if referred by a GP under a Care Plan arrangement. An out-of-pocket expense may still apply.

Do you prescribe medications?

No, physiotherapists are not qualified to prescribe or advise on the use of medications. Our goal is to reduce your need for medications through hands on treatment.

Is this a new approach for the treatment of headaches and migraines?

No, it is an approach that has been developed over the past 20 years by Dean Watson at the Watson Headache Institute. He has treated over 7500 patients and completed his PhD which has in part, recently been published. (See research section for up to date information on Dean’s PhD results).

“I’ve tried everything, why is this different?”

This is a common and totally reasonable question that is asked by people suffering from long term chronic headaches and migraines. For more information, please see here.

Do I need a doctors referral to attend your Clinic?

A doctors referral is NOT required to attend the practice.

A referral is only required if you intend to claim your treatment under a Workcover or CTP claim, or through a GP Team Care arrangement.