The Practitioners

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Rob Wallis

B App Sc (Phys) M.A.P.A.
Watson Headache® Certified Practitioner
APA Sports Physiotherapist

After personally suffering from migraines for many years Rob developed a personal and professional interest in the management of migraines and headaches. After first attending a course run by Dean Watson in 2008, Rob has now progressed to be a Watson Headache® Certified Practitioner having completed a level 3 certification of professional competency in the Watson Headache® Approach.

Rob brings a wealth of experience after 30 years working as a physiotherapist, as well as focusing on headaches and migraine treatment over the past 8 years. After overcoming his own migraine issues, he has been migraine free now for 8 years, he is keen to help others suffering the effects of the debilitating problem that is Headache and Migraine.


Andris Simsons

B Sci(Kin) MPhty M.A.P.A
Senior Physiotherapist

Andris graduated from Sydney University in 2010 and has worked as a physiotherapist in the private setting treating various injuries. He has developed a passion for treating people with headaches and migraines. He also has a keen interest in treating neck and shoulder injuries.

Andris has been using the Watson Headache® Approach for over four years now to help his patients manage their headaches and migraines. He was drawn to the technique due to its effectiveness in treating chronic headache and migraine conditions. He enjoys helping his patients take control of their headaches, through hands-on treatment and exercises, equipping them with the skills to self-manage their problem.