The Process

This is how the journey starts

Initial ‘Fast Response’ Phase

During the initial consultation our practitioners will establish if brain stem sensitivity and/or a neck dysfunction is the primary cause of your migraine/headache presentation. If it is, we will recommend three to five manual therapy consultations within a four-week period, using the Watson Headache® Approach. This time frame and approach gives you the best possible outcome to reduce your symptoms and change things quickly for you. However, if your budget or location inhibits this, please chat to your practitioner about an alternative approach.

During this initial phase, we aim to achieve a significant reduction in

  • intensity,
  • frequency and
  • duration of your symptoms.

Your response to medications may also significantly improve during this early phase.

Your practitioner will prescribe head and neck exercises, which are chosen specifically for your problem. These will help maintain the improvements achieved from the manual therapy sessions.

Your sleeping posture (pillow) and work space setup may also be assessed.

Consolidation Phase

With the significant and encouraging results made from the Initial Phase, you will then progress to the Consolidation Phase. Now the emphasis shifts from becoming less reliant on manual therapy to more focus on your own ability to maintain the improvements achieved.

We will refine and progress the exercise program that has been established for you. This will enable you to maintain the improvements long term and independently. Consultations become progressively less frequent during this phase (fortnightly/monthly/quarterly) as you manage more on your own.

You will feel more in control of your condition during this time.

Maintenance Phase

This ongoing phase is very much patient-directed, based on your own needs and level of independence for self-management. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to maintain your good health, on your own!

If, however, you feel more comfortable to maintain a connection with us, returning on a six-weekly or quarterly basis, just to keep ‘on track’ we are happy to help. Otherwise, you may feel confident to manage on you own and return only if the need arises.

Additional note

As a highly-regarded, research-based practice and the longest established in Sydney, we have a developed a strong network of healthcare professionals who can provide complimentary headache/migraine services to further progress you on your journey, if necessary. These services include Neuro referrals for Botox, preventative medications and triptans (which become more effective following our treatment), remedial massage and low intensity exercise programs (pilates, yoga etc), all of which can be helpful in keeping headache/migraine from impacting your life.

We look forward to taking this journey with you as you strive for a better life, free from headache!

The Program

The Research

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