The Program

Sydney Headache & Migraine Centre uses the Watson Headache® Approach to treat patients suffering from all types of headache and migraines.

A key diagnostic feature of this approach involves the temporary reproduction of the headache pain by carefully applied examination techniques. The reproduction of the familiar headache pain helps to confirm the relevance of the neck to the headaches experienced.

Treatment comprises careful, passive movement techniques to the neck with the aim of restoring normal movement directions without restriction. No high velocity manipulation techniques are used. This treatment is complimented by exercises to improve posture through stretching and strengthening, posture is a common cause for headaches developing in the first place. Often years of postural neglect can be a major cause of headaches.

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A recent survey of clients treated at this headache clinic over the past 3 years found that 80% of those treated reported a reduction in frequency, intensity and/or duration of their headaches. A majority reported their improvement was in the range of 70 – 100%. All clients who maintained their exercise program reported maintaining their improvement in the long term.

Over 300 different types of headaches have been described with many different presentations and causes. The benefit of Rob’s approach is that all types of headaches can respond to this treatment. It will become clear, very quickly, if treatment to the neck will not be effective in treating the headaches, resulting in no further treatment being recommended.

For further information on what happens when you attend Sydney Headache & Migraine Centre for treatment of your Headache condition see What to Expect When You Attend SSHC – The process of assessment and treatment.