The Watson Headache Approach Explained

Our founding principal Robert Wallis, is a Watson Headache Certified Practitioner.

All our practitioners are trained under Dean Watson of Watson Headache Instititute.and are very experienced in the Watson Headache Approach  Our Founding Principal,  Rob Wallis, has attained to the highest level, attending the four day Watson Headache Institute course, Level 3 – Certification of Professional Competence in the Watson Headache Approach “The Role of CO-C3 Segmental Dysfunction in Primary Headache”.

The course comprised 40 hours and was based on the Watson Headache Approach, a protocol for the skilled assessment and management of the upper cervical (neck) spine in headache and migraine conditions. The Watson Headache Approach is recognised as a scientifically researched method of examination and treatment.

The diagnostic accuracy of the Watson Headache Approach is unparalleled. It can confirm if disorders in the upper neck are responsible for headache or migraine and determine the exact nature of the disorder as well as which spinal joints are involved. There is no guesswork and no cracking or manipulation. Its unique and powerful feature involves temporary reproduction and resolution (easing) of usual head pain.

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An initial assessment will allow our practitioners to confirm if your neck is a contributing factor to your headache and/or migraine. If, after five treatments, no noticeable progress has been made in the treatment of your headache or migraine symptoms we will discuss other avenues of care with you. Under no circumstances, if your upper neck is not responsible for your symptoms, will we encourage continued treatment.

We guarantee that if your neck is contributing to your headache and/or migraine, we will find a way to significantly reduce your symptoms within five treatments and empower you to be as independent as possible in the ongoing management of your complaint.

The Program

The Process