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for all headache and migraine disorders, based on scientific
research and providing long-term, life-changing results.

Established 2008

The most experienced practitioners in Sydney using a collaborative approach to achieving best outcomes for patients.


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We treat a wide range of headaches including Thunder Crack Headaches, Medication Overuse Headaches, Hormonal Headaches & more.


We treat a wide range of migraines from general migraines through to Hormonal Migraines, Hemiplegic Migraines, Silent Migraines & more.

Other Conditions

We treat conditions other than headches & migraines including Dizziness, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, BPPV, PPPD, Jaw Pain & more.

Sydney Headache and Migraine Centre

We identify and address the underlying cause of your headache and migraine.

Groundbreaking medical research links a hypersensitive brainstem to most headache/migraine disorders. Our practitioners provide a skilled assessment and manual therapy technique to reduce brainstem sensitivity to improve your quality of life.

Not only do we skilfully treat you, we teach you how to maintain your improvement, independently, so you can take control of your health without relying on on-going treatment.


How we can help

Who we are

Conditions Treated

Our Proven Process

1. Initial “Fast Response” Phase.

During this initial phase, we aim to achieve a significant reduction in intensity, frequency and duration of your symptoms, within the first 4 weeks of migraine or headache treatment. Your response to medications may also significantly improve during this early phase.

Your practitioner will prescribe head and neck exercises, which are chosen specifically for your problem. These will help maintain the improvements achieved from your manual therapy sessions..

2. Consolidation Phase

With the significant and encouraging results made in the Initial Phase,  the emphasis shifts to more focus on your own ability to maintain the improvements achieved. Your personalised head/neck exercise program is progressed and consultations are less frequent. You will feel more in control of your condition during this time.

3. Maintenance Phase

This ongoing phase is very much patient-directed, based on your own needs and level of independence for self-management. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to maintain your good health on your own! You may chose to maintain a connection with us to stay ‘on track’ or simply return only if the need arises.

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