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Empowering Headache Relief: The Power of The Watson Headache® Approach

The Watson Headache® Approach is a manual therapy treatment protocol used for examining and managing the upper cervical spine in headache and migraine conditions.

Practitioners trained in this approach examine the movements of the top three vertebrae of the neck. It is a manual (non-manipulative/-cracking) cervical assessment with techniques practiced within a clinical reasoning process and based on published scientific (peer-reviewed) research.

The Approach is taught internationally and is recognised for its unparalleled diagnostic accuracy, confirming or ruling out relevant neck disorders. It is the only manual cervical approach scientifically validated to diminish the underlying disorder in migraine. 

During the assessment, practitioners identify the relevancy of incoming information from the C1-3 spinal nerves to headache and migraine conditions, and also other symptoms potentially arising from the upper 3 spinal segments, such as dizziness/vertigo, cyclic vomiting, idiopathic eye pain etc. A series of techniques, when applied in a systematic way, accurately identifies the upper cervical spinal segments responsible for symptoms of headache or migraine. 

The unique, fundamental and powerful feature of the Watson Headache® Approach is the ’reproduction and resolution’ of typical head pain in patients, allowing for a focused and relevant direction in treatment and the ability to de-sensitise the brainstem, the underlying cause of headache and migraine disorders.   


Sydney Headache and Migraine Centre ensures high quality of care for our patients.  All our practitioners have many years of experience in treating headache and migraine disorders and all have attained Level 2 or 3 qualification in the method.

The Watson Headache® Institute has recently acknowledged the research contribution of our founding Principal, Rob Wallis, by accrediting him as a Level 4 Watson Headache® practitioner, one of only 4 world-wide!

Congratulations Rob!

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